SGT-LS01 FMトランスミッター&ヘッドフォンアンプ内蔵ミニギター

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全長約51センチの超ミニギター 旅やレジャーのお供に! 販売終了品

 キャンプに!パーティに!超ミニトラベルギター ! 

TO camp! To party! Super mini Travel Guitar Now on sale!

ステレオFM トランスミッター&

Stereo FM Transmitter & Headphone guitar amp built-in
MINI Travel Electric Guitar


 SGT-LS01 は、オランダのフィル・ニール氏とエスジーテクノロジーズのコラボによって生まれたユニークなミニトラベルエレキギターです。

SGT-LS01 is a mini travel electric guitar unique was born by the collaboration of SG Technologies and Mr.phil Neal of the Netherlands.



There are ways to enjoy the three players for this guitar neck scale 455mm in total length 515mm.



Part 1Listening to the performance with the earphone (headphone), based on the built-in amplifier.




When the stereo plug of the earphone (headphone) of 3.5φ is inserted into the phone jack, the built-in amplifier is automatically charged. (The LED on the right side of FM does not light up.



The adjustment of volume can be done by either Vol or by the volume POD which is between the "pickup" and the "bridge".



It is possible to adjust the sound quality to your preference by TonePod.



In case of "overdrive" or "distortion sound", it is possible to adjust GainPOD to the tone of your preference.



Note1)When your are using the earphone or the headphone, leave the power switch of the FM transmitter OFF.  The battery will last longer.



Note2)If you leave the earphone (headphone) plug inserted, the power would be kept ON, and the life of battery
would be shortened, so make sure to pull out the earphone plug.



Mixing the sound of the MP3 player and the guitar.

Audio in ジャックにカラオケなどが録音されているMP3プレーヤーなどを接続するとPhone出力には、ギター音とMP3プレーヤーのミックスされた音がステレオで出力されます(ギター音は左右同じ音になります)


 If you connect the MP3 player with the recordings of "karaoke", etc. to the "audio in jack", the mixed sounds of the guitar and MP3 player will come out in stereo from the "Phone Output". (The guitar sound will be the same on the right and the left sides.) The volume of the MP3 is modulated with the volume of the MP3 player.



Part 2FM transmitter will make FM radio into guitar amplifier.



注)工場出荷時のFM周波数は88.9MHz(DIP-SW1:OFF 2:OFF)に設定されています。

The portable FM radio will enable you to enjoy music in all kinds of ways --such as at outdoor parties, rehearsals at the destinations of your trips to the mountain or the beach, practice on your own with your car stereo and group performance with your minivan.

NoteThe FM frequency at the time of its shipping from the factory was set at 88.9MHz(DIP-SW1:OFF 2:OFF).



It is possible to choose from four kinds of frequencies for FM transmitter.



The methods for setting the frequency:



1.With the power OFF, take hold of the screws on both sides of the panel and pull out the amplifier unit.


2.図の2PDIP SWで設定します。

2. Set it up with the DIP SW of 2P as shown in the figure.



 OFF OFF  88.9
 OFF ON 88.7
 ON OFF 88.3
 ON ON 87.9



3.DIP SWの設定が終わったら電源をONし、所定の周波数で受信できることを確認しOKであれば電源をOFFし、アンプユニットをギター本体に挿入しネジ止めします。

. When the DIP SW setup has been completed, turn the power ON and check whether the sound is received with the predetermined frequency. If it is, turn the power OFF, insert the amplifier unit to the guitar and screw it on.


Audio In ジャックにMP3プレーヤーなどを接続すればギター音とミックスされた音がFMラジオから聞こえてきます。MP3プレーヤーがステレオ出力であれば、FMラジオからもステレオで聞こえます。ただし、ギター音は左右同じ音になります。

When you have connected MP3 player, etc, to the "audio-in jack", you will hear from the FM radio the sound which has been mixed with the guitar sound. If the MP3 player has stereo output, you will hear the sound from the FM radio in stereo. However, the guitar sound will be the same on both the right and the left sides.



Part 3. The performance using the regular guitar amplifier.




By inserting the shielded cable for the use of regular guitars into the 6.3φ jack on the panel and connecting  it to the guitar amplifier, you will be able to get normal performance.

 In this case, no amplifier of any kind for LSO1 will be used (with the power off), so you cannot use the knob on the panel. Only the POD between the "pickup" and the "bridge" is used for adjusting the volume.











Regarding tuning.


Lapstick SGTmodel LS01はネックが極端に短いため0942などの弦の場合、通常のEチューニング(6E,5A,4D,3G,2B,1E)では弦のテンションが弱くちょっとした押さえ力の違いでも音程が狂いやすいのでEチューニングはお奨めできません。レギュラーギターと同じ程度のテンションを望む場合は、A6A,5D,4G,3C,2E,1A)又はBチューニング(6B,5E,4A,3D,2F#,1B)をお奨めします。Gチューニング(6G,5C,4F,3A#,2D,1G)は多少テンションが弱いですが通常引く上では問題ないチューニングです。お好みで設定してください。他のギターとのセッション等でどうしてもEチューニングにしたい場合は、12-52以上の太い弦を使用することにより、テンションの弱さを多少カバーできますがやはりフレットを抑える指の強さには注意が必要です。

In situations where 09-42 strings are used when the neck of the Lapstick SGT model LSO1 is extremely short, normal E-tuning6E,5A,4D,3G,2B,1E) will have weak tension, so even the slightest difference in pressure tend to throw the pitch off. Therefore, we cannot recommend E-tuning. When you want to have the tension with the same pitch as a regular guitar, we recommend either A-tuning6A,5D,4G,3C,2E,1A), or B-tuning (6B,5E,4A,3D,2F#,1B). The tension of G-tuning is somewhat weak, but it gives no problem for playing regularly.If you have to have E-tuning to enable you to play in a session with other guitars, you should be able to somewhat compensate for the weakness in tension by using thick strings of above 12 - 52, but you would have to exercise caution regarding the force of your fingers in pressing the fret.



Regarding string replacement.




To replace a string, remove the "head cover", turn anti-clockwise the tuning knob to loosen it adequately. Then, using a hexagonal nut driver, loosen the screw that suppressed the string at the "head" and pull out the string. ,

The string is mounted by inserting it from where the tuning knob is to where the "head"is, and using a hexagonal nut driver,
tighten the screw for stabilization. Upon completion, replace the "head cover".



(Mounting the strings without Ball)


By screwing the six bolts that came as accessories, into the places specified for the "tail piece", it would be possible to mount the strings without the Ball. In the case of attaching a new and longer string, using the standard mounting, (based on Ball), about half the string would be left unused. What makes its effective utilization possible are the bolts that came as accessories.



仕 様



ネックとボディ:マホガニ ネックとボディは一体構造

Body and Neck:maphogany body and neck integral structure






Number of Flets:20 Flets



Scale(flom bridge to nut):45.5cm



Total length:51.5cm



Weight:about 1.1kg









Controls:volume podx1 tonex1



Amplifier unit:Volumex1 Tonex1


          Gainx1  Audio stereo input jack x 1


         Power SW cum earphone(Head phone) out put jack x 1


         LEDx1 and FM Transmitter power SW



FM Transmitter Frequency 4 selectable :88.9MHz(factory),88.7MHz,88.3MHz,87.9MHz



電源:006P 9V アルカリ電池の場合の電池連続使用時間

Battery continuous use time in the case of the 006P 9V alkaline battery



                    1.If only earphone,about 24H do not use the FM Transmitter.



           2.In the case of FM Transmitter use,about 6hours.




                       It should be noted that becase the weak current to flow even after the power is OFF (about 60μA). If you do not use longtime,please keep remove battery.